Office Visit (50-minute appointment): $120-$100
New Patient Evaluation (60-minute appointment): $130
Youth Office Visit (30-minute appointment): $60 for patients 18 and younger

If you have a financial hardship, please contact Dr. Sabourin directly prior to your appointment to see if you qualify for a reduced fee. It is her goal to provide outstanding care to those who need it.

What's included:


Dr. Michelle Sabourin offers comprehensive, whole-body care. Her holistic approach looks at all of the elements of an individual: physical structure, biochemistry and digestion, and emotional wellbeing. She does a thorough health history and detailed evaluation of a patient's whole health status. From there she identifies the barriers to healing, creates a plan for improvement, and helps the body on the road to wellness. 

Your rehabilitation program will be tailored specifically to meet your needs. It may involve nutrition advice, muscle strengthening or stretching exercises, and lifestyle recommendations. Dr. Michelle's goal is to give you the give you the tools you need to reach your optimum health and teach you how to maintain it with only occasional support. So you may have a robust, full, and healthy life.